Pierce-Arrow Museum

Pierce-Arrow - SM pic(2)Shortly after the Civil War, in Buffalo, New York, Pierce-Arrow was founded as a manufacturer of birdcages, iceboxes, and other household items. By 1896, the company was producing bicycles and, within five years, it was building motorcycles and automobiles.

For 38 years, it produced some of the finest luxury automobiles made. Indeed, Pierce-Arrow was once one of the most-recognized and most-respected names in the automobile industry.

Pierce-Arrow - SM picThe Pierce-Arrow Museum was established on the Historic Campus of the Gilmore Car Museum in 1999. Today it is home to a memorable array of Pierce-Arrows, including a 1905 bicycle, 1912 motorcycle, and a WWI era truck.

The luxury automaker had a rich history—from its many automotive innovations, a strong racing legacy and, finally, to its merger with Studebaker in 1928. To learn more, visit Pierce-ArrowMuseum.org